Adams Detectors

Adams Electronics is firmly positioned as market leader within the field of very high quality and highly specialized hand held metal detection devices. The company is highly responsive to the ever-changing needs of its customers by continuously formulating innovative new technology and new ideas, building products that really work – for the constantly changing and challenging requirements of today’s security and military professionals.
Our philosophy is simple – Superior performance by design, highest build quality, Ultra Rugged construction and reliability with an unsurpassed customer Service……all at a competitive price!
Adams Electronics was originally founded in 1965 with the introduction of the first truly self-contained portable hand held metal detector (Model B100)
Today, Adams Electronics is now dedicated to designing, manufacturing and selling some of the most sensitive, highest quality and most reliable range of portable metal detector products money can buy, with uncompromising standards for performance and reliability.
From our general purpose models: AD10- 2 & AD11-V, for use in airports, court rooms and general guarding applications, to our super high sensitivity models ER3000, AMR-11 and even our brand new AD2300V (for more specialized security and military applications or locating extremely small metal fragments or objects concealed deep within skin tissue or body cavities, with pin point accuracy) Adams Metal Detectors has got most applications covered.
With manufacturing facilities in both the United Kingdom and the United States, Adams Metal Detector products are in use extensively world wide by customers with some of the most demanding and diverse applications, as well as being a contracted supplier to U.K, U.S. and other international government departments and organizations.

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