About Us

Kejo Limited Company was founded by it’s President Tony Tanner in Florida, USA. and commenced trading in 1997.Kejo now celebrates 26 years of doing business in the USA.

Tony, who is a 13 year Rhodesian war veteran has had over 30 years of business experience in trading with all the corners of the world.

Kejo’s clients include the US Army, US Navy, Marines and the US Air Force and various Law Enforcement organizations worldwide.
We supply body armor to level IV (NIJ), bomb and ballistic blankets, EOD bomb disposal suits, demining equipment, shields and helmets under our registered trade mark Kejo ® and Saviour ®

We offer EOD Suits, bomb and metal detection equipment, EOD tools, Demining Tools and many other products in the fight against terrorism.

On request we custom make bomb and ballistic resistant products including vehicle protection and even helicopter floor ballistic protection.

All our products are currently in service around the world and recognized by law enforcement agencies as a leader in the EOD field.

Our ever expanding range of products assists all law enforcement agencies and military personnel in their ever increasing fight against world terrorism. Our US Government Cage Code is 3 DP12