Credit Card by Mail


PO Box 7936


Fl 33758-7936

Tel 1-7274433455

Fax 1-727-472 8114

Credit Card Authorization Form

I hereby authorize Kejo Limited Company, to charge my credit card for goods I have ordered as per  their Invoice  

Type of card Circle one: American Express/Discover/MasterCard/Visa

Card Number:__________________________________________

Expiry Date mm/yy:_______/_______Card Security Code _________

Cardholders Name______________________________________

Billing Address__________________________________________




Shipping address if different:_____________________________



Telephone number: _____________________________________

Printed Name:         ______________________________________

Amount                     $____________________

Signature of Cardholder________________________________

Date:                          _____________________

****Please provide us with a legible copy of the front and back of credit card.  Fax to 1-727-472 8114

Cards cannot be processed without copy and authorization forms signed and dated. 

All copies of credit cards will be destroyed within ninety (90) days of processing.

You can also mail this to the address above or FAX to 1-727-472 8114

Thank you for your cooperation.