Portable Explosive Detector With High Sensitivity


Portable Explosives Detector



Portable Explosives Detector with high sensitivity, used to detect hidden explosives has been created, which is based on fluorescent conjugated polymers. The fluorescence is quenched upon binding to target analytes. Detector with small volume and light-weight, can detect explosives quickly and accurately with wipe sampling mode, which is especially applicable to public security check such as building, important places and etc. In addition, it is easy to operate with little training.

A portable trace explosive detector with the highest detection limit and the most explosives in the domestic and foreign markets. The excellent ABS polycarbonate casing is sturdy and elegant. The continuous working time of single battery is more than 8 hours. The cold start time is within 10 seconds.The TNT detection limit is 0.05 ng level, and more than 30 kinds of explosives can be detected. The product is calibrated automatically.

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 High sensitivity

 Small size

Fast response

Easy to operate

Technical Specification

Detectable Explosives TNT,TATP, BP, NG, HMX, RDX, PETN, HMTD, C4, AN and so on.
Sampling mode Non-contact sampling and contact wipe sampling
Alarm mode Sound alarm, image alarm, wireless alarm
Sensitivity Explosives: pg(TNT)
Alarm time ≤5s
Self-clean time ≤10s
Start-up time ≤5s
False-alarm rate ≤1%
Display screen 3.5-inch industrial-grade color semi-transparent LCD
Weight ≤1.2kg(including battery)
Working time ≥10 hours
Working environment condition Temperature20℃~55℃, Humidity: ≤95%
Radioactive Source Negative

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