HW-IMS-311E Portable Explosive Detector


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HW-IMS-311E Portable Explosive Detector


The device is based on the principle of ion mobility spectrum (IMS), using a new non-radioactive ionization source, which can detect and analyze trace explosive particles, and the detection sensitivity reaches the nanogram level. The special swab is swabbed and sampled on the surface of the suspicious object. After the swab is inserted into the detector, the detector will immediately report the specific composition and type of explosives.

The product is portable and easy to operate, especially suitable for flexible detection on site. It is widely used for explosive inspection in civil aviation, rail transit, customs, border defense and crowd gathering places, or as a tool for material evidence inspection by national law enforcement agencies.

Performance Advantage

  • High safety, using non – radioactive ionization source
  • Non-radioactive IMS technology, high sensitivity and low false alarm

●High detection efficiency, continuous detection, automatic calibration, sound-light alarm, automatic cleaning, self-diagnosis, without extra manual operation

●Remote diagnose and User friendly

  • New Android system makes operation much easier and efficient
  • Simple and beautiful appearance design, light weight, easy to carry
  • Good human-computer interaction design, with 7-inch TFT LCD touch screen
  • Multi-data interface and supporting software, storage of 500,000 raw data
  • Upgradable library


Technical Specs

Technology IMS (Ion mobility spectroscopy technology)
Analysis time  ≤8s
Ion Source Non-radioactive ionization source
Detection mode Trace explosive mode
Cold Start-up time  ≤20min
Sampling method Particle collection via wiping
Detection Sensitivity Nanogram level (10-9-10-6gram)
Substances detected TNT,RDX,BP,PETN,NG,AN,HMTD,TETRYL,TATP, etc.
False alarm rate ≤ 1%
Power Adapter AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 240W
Display Screen 7inch LCD touch screen
Data Storage 32GB, support backup through USB or Ethernet
Battery Working Time More than 3hours
Alarming method Visual and Audible
Dimensions L392mm×W169mm×H158mm
Weight 4.8kg
Storage Temperature  – 20 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Working Temperature  – 20 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Work Humidity <95% (below 40℃)


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