Police Handheld Trace Explosive Detector


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Police Handheld Trace Explosive Detector

The newly developed HWX16C product is the portable trace explosive detector with the highest detection limit and the most explosives in the domestic and foreign markets. The excellent ABS polycarbonate casing is sturdy and elegant. The continuous working time of single battery is more than 8 hours. The cold start time is within 10 seconds. The TNT detection limit is 0.05 ng level, and more than 30 kinds of explosives can be detected. The product is calibrated automatically.


Fluorescence based
No radioactive source
Automatic calibration
High sensitivity and low false alarm rate
Quick start and detection speed
Broad explosive identification
Convenient operation

Technical Specification


Technical Specs

1 Technology

Amplified Fluorescent Polymer Quenching Sensor

2 Analysis time


3 Start-up time


4 Sampling method

Particle and Vapor

5 Detection Sensitivity

Particulate: TNT LOD ≤0.05ng

Vapor: PPM

6 Operating TEMP

 – 20 ℃ ~ 55 ℃

7 False alarm rate

≤ 1%

8 Power Consumption


9 Rated voltage


10 Rated Capacity


11 Rated Energy


12 Display Screen

3″TFT Color display Screen

13 Com Port


14 Data Storage

≥100000pieces of record

15 Battery

Two Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

16 Battery Working Time

 Single battery time up to 8 hours

17 Battery Charging Time


18 Alarming method

Visual / Audible / Vibration

19 Dimensions

300mm × 106mm × 71mm

20 Weight

≦1.05kg including battery

21 Protection Level


22 Substances detected

Military, Commercial, and Homemade Explosives including:

TNT, DNT, MNT, Picric Acid, RDX, PETN, TATP, NG, Tetryl, HMX, C4, NA, AN, Black Powder, and others.