Remote-Vue – Android Parental Monitoring Software 1 Year




Remote-Vue – Android Parental Monitoring Software 1 Year

Advanced Android Child Monitoring Software – Live Access to Childs Phone usage – GPS, Contacts, Keystrokes, Internet History, Videos & Images, Call History.

Remote-Vue displays many pieces of data connected to the phone, applications installed are all visible on the device but in some cases this data is not accessible to view.

Users can see notifications from some of the 3rd party applications, Remote-Vue does not provide full reporting of 3rd party applications installed on the phone or tablet.

Users should be aware if a device is Remotely Wiped, all data on the device will be completely erased and unrecoverable.

If the Application is removed from the Phone, users will need to reinstall the software and will need access to the phone to re-install.

Once users have installed the software, they can begin monitoring the phone immediately and login to the monitoring panel.

Users must register their software within 48 hours by emailing their Registration code to [email protected]

Failure to register the software may result in Monitoring being interrupted.

Please note: Installing Remote Monitoring Management Software onto a phone or tablet is legal if you own the device which you are installing the software onto.

Parents who have purchased the device for their child have the right to monitor the activity on the phone.

Employers have the right to monitor a work issued device providing they have made the employee aware of their intentions.

Android Smartphone or Tablet Running OS 10 & Above.

Works with all major Android Smartphones including Samsung, Google Pixel, HTC, LG and more.

  • Live Monitoring for Android Phones OS 10+
  • Works with all Major Android Phones including Samsung 10 & Newer
  • Monitor Children’s Phone Usage
  • Keep Track of all Phone Activities
  • Get Live GPS location of the Phone.
  • Live Updates on Contacts Data
  • View all Applications installed on the Phone
  • View internet History and Keystrokes
  • Remotely Wipe Device using Remote Commands
  • View Images and Videos on the device Live

Remote-Vue is an Android Monitoring Software which can provide live remote monitoring of any Android 10 OS Cellphone or tablet.

Parents need access to the target phone to install the monitoring software, users will also need the pin/pattern code if the device has a code lock.

Users should view the video for a complete step by step process of the installation, the process can be completed in about 7 minutes and once installed, users do not need access to phone.

Remote-Vue installs via USB-C USB drive, the Remote-Vue usb drive can be inserted directly into the target phone.

Parents can install this software onto their Childs Phone and keep track of all activities on the phone, remotely.

Users are provided with a registration code and user ID to login to the Remote-Vue monitoring panel and get instant live access to the Phones location and all activities taking place on the phone.

Concerned Parents can easily locate the phone by viewing the GPS information which will display on the Map built into the monitoring panel.

Users can see all activities taking place on the phone, see all Images and Videos stored on the device, view the Contacts data and Applications installed data on the device.

Remote-Vue also displays the activities of some apps like Whatsapp, TikTok and Email clients like Gmail, whilst these Apps and their notifications are displayed, due to encryption methods, the contents of these activities are not reported as Apps do not provide access to other 3rd party applications.

Remote-Vue installs under the guise of an Android OS Updater icon, once installed the Generic icon can be clicked on to reveal no information about the app or its actual purpose.

Ideal for Parents who wish to monitor their child’s activity, Remote-Vue is a 12 Month licence and can be installed on one phone.

Remote-Vue also features a Keylogger, this tracks all keystrokes typed in using the phones keyboard system.


Remote-Vue works with all Samsung devices which have an OS version of 10 and above, Remote Vue also works with many other Android based phone brands such as:

Google Pixel, Motorola, OnePLUS and many more Android cell phones which have an OS 10 or above.

Remote Wipe Function

Users can remotely Wipe the device and erase all content on the device, ideal for situations involving phone loss.

Location Tracking

Users can get historical location data of the device and Live location data of the device.

Digital Check-in

Remote-Vue gives busy parents the ability to digitally check-in on their Childs Phone Activity.

On average Children between 5-15 years old spend an average of 3 hours per day using their phones.


Android Smartphone or Tablet Running OS 10 & Above.

Works with all major Android Smartphones including Samsung, Google Pixel, HTC, LG and more.