VENUS NBC Gas Mask Filter


NBC Gas Mask Filter for Venus Gas Mask


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Other uses for our masks and filters: the rule is wherever the respiratory system is under risk of contamination and people’ s health and life can be put in danger ; agriculture, allergies, animal husbandry, asbestos, building and demolition, carbon fiber, chemical, coal handling, cosmetics, dyestuffs, food processing, foundry, glass fiber, glass making, grain handling, insulation, laboratories, lead processing, metalworking, motor industry, paint spraying, pest control, pharmaceuticals, power generation, quarrying, sandblasting, shipyards, spraying, textiles, waste disposal, welding, wood working, nuclear. All these possible applications do not require the same type of respiratory protection: some requires protection against dust, other against gas and/or vapors, or both against gas vapors and dust. The Filters have different protection classes: P3 , A2P3, A2B2P3, ABEK, ABEKP3 are the most used. Ours are A2B2E2K1P3 (EN141) S&H in the USA  only .

NOTE: Gas Masks and filters are non-returnable for Health and Safety reasons.

Please Note: S & H charges is our standard rate (Fedex ground) and for U.S.A. destinations only.
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