Non-Magnetic MRI Maintenance Tool Kit (Metric Only Version)


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Product Details Designed with the ultimate protection and safety in mind our Non-Magnetic MRI tool kit is built for Biomedical Service Technicians working on or near highly magnetic MRI equipment. With this kit you®ll be ready to safely tackle any job requiring work on or near MRI systems. Our Non-Sparking Non-Magnetic (3-Tesla Safe) Corrosive Resistant tool kit comes neatly packaged in a hard sided plastic tool case with a custom foam tool controlled interior. This 38-piece tool kit features a variety of combination wrenches two adjustable wrenches and a metric hex key set. The kit also contains a full set of screwdrivers and a selection of the most commonly used pliers and cutters. Safe for use on GE Siemens and Philips MRI equipment. This kit is also perfect for Non-Sparking Field Service applications in: Military Aerospace Mining Industrial Fire Departments and Utilities. 12″ Adj Wrench 8″ Adj Wrench 3/32″Slotted Screwdriver 1/4″ Slotted Screwdriver 3/8″ Slotted Screwdriver 7/16″Slotted Screwdriver #1 Phillips Screwdriver #2 Phillips Screwdriver #3 Phillips Screwdriver 7″ Diagonal Cutters 7″ Long Nose Pliers w/cutter 12″ Pump Pliers 8″ Slip Joint Pliers 10pc Hex Key Set Metric 6″ Plastic Rule Inch/Metric 24mm Combo Wrench $2715.00 Item #: 84644 Weight: 20 lbs. 22mm Combo Wrench 21mm Combo Wrench 19mm Combo Wrench 17mm Combo Wrench 15mm Combo Wrench 14mm Combo Wrench 13mm Combo Wrench 12mm Combo Wrench 11mm Combo Wrench 10mm Combo Wrench 9mm Combo Wrench 8mm Combo Wrench 6mm/7mm Open End Wrench All Plastic Hard Sided Tool Case Custom Tool Control Foam Set