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Product Details Micko 1 Dual is a new dual blasting machine managed by a last generation multi-core controller. Each time the blasting machine is powered on a test is performed to check functions. In case of malfunctioning or battery charge too low a led will give a notice and operation will be denied. Its use is friendly and intuitive.The clamp for shock tube detonators is strong and resistant also in harsh or marine environment. Its manufacture is robust and ergonomic. Pocket size despite delivering a discharge voltage of 450 V and an energy of 40 Joule. The capacitors are charged by 4 batteries type AA rechargeable. An automatic sleep function minimizes electricity consumption. The innovative ST clamp and settings of the discharge circuitry grant a reliable and long life. Laboratory tests have proven a proper functioning for more than 3000 discharge in sequence of 40 seconds one from then other. Micko 1 Dual uses several protection circuits to increase its reliability and safety: Manufactured by: Nitrex srl Model: Micko 1 Dual Initiator ® An independent watchdog timer in case of failure of the multi-core controller discharge and inhibit the charge of the internal blast capacitor. ® The charge of the internal capacitor is continuously monitored by means of an ADC and no overcharge is allowed. ® The fire pulse (EL and ST) can occurs ONLY after the complete charge of the internal blast capacitor and can be obtained only with the contemporary pressure of the CHARGE and FIRING buttons. The release of the CHARGE push button activate a specific circuit for fast discharge on an internal capacitor driving the blasting machine in a safe status. ® After a fire pulse (both EL and ST) an acoustic tone (of about 2 seconds) is generated indicating the completion of the discharge in the circuit relative. ® The status of the batteries is continuously monitored: light on BATTERY LOW led indicates that the battery is almost empty (to be recharged with a charger supplied or replace the batteries). Even with low charge (about 20% of the total) MICKO 1 Dual is able to make the shot if it detects the sufficient voltage in the firing capacitor (but this will require much longercharging time). ® MICKO 1 Dual powers off automatically when the charge of the battery is insufficient to guarantee a safe shot. ® MICKO 1 Dual has a connector to recharge the batteries. It is placed in the back inside battery compartment. The use of chargers 10V stabilized is recommended. During recharge the fire impulse is inhibited.