Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet Visor


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Product Details A ballistic visor giving Level 11IA (NIJ) protection.600 m/s.Can be ordered with any of our Kejo helmets or separately.If ordered with any helmet fitting is FREE at time of ordering. We also supply Level II see website. Scratch proof coating and defogging coating included.

Vigard™ Visors are supplied to major ballistic helmet manufacturers worldwide for military, para-military, law enforcement, bomb disposal, and EOD applications.

Vigard™ visors are designed to offer entire facial protection from the rim of the helmet to below the chin against multiple hits of ballistic threats, as well as fragmentation and blunt impact.

Our ballistic face shields can be retrofitted onto PASGT or COMBAT (ACH) style helmets with our unique Visor Fastening System (VFS). It can be securely attached or detached to most ballistic helmets with an adjustable rear lock. The visor can be locked into 3 positions including fully elevated, 45-degrees, and deployed.

The face shield is laminated with PMMA (methyl methacrylate) and polycarbonate with a proprietary TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) inter-layer.

Vigard™ visors have high light transmission and minimal distortion with lower width and thickness compared to similar ballistic face shields.

Vigard™ Visor – Helmet Mounted Ballistic Face Shield

• Entire facial ballistic protection from helmet rim to below chin
• Face shield with three positions: 0, 45, and 90˚
• Multiple hit resistant
• Fragmentation protection
• Soften blunt force impacts
• Laminated with PMMA, polycarbonate, and TPU
• High light transmission
• Minimal distortion
• Easily removable
• Retrofits onto PASGT or COMBAT (ACH) style helmets
Additional options:
Subzero operation temperature.

Our latest addition to the Vigard™ series is the Vigard™-Arctic, tested to NIJ Level IIA at -54°C. Email for details

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