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Product Details EDU EXPLOSIVE DISRUPTION/DISPOSAL SHIELD The EDU shield has been developed for use by explosive disposal and tactical teams. Years of research and attention to detail have produced shield systems that combine high protective capability and superb manoeuvrability. The EDU shield is now in use in many countries throughout the world. Armor Materials: ABMM (Advanced Ballistic Matrix Material) Ballistic protection against handgun ammunition Ballistic viewport (4® x 16®) Lightweight handle ergonomically designed ambidextrous Multi-hit capability (NIJ 0108.01) Black with transparent viewport Quick release shoulder strap & shield carrying bag Design & Construction Shield: Advanced ballistic composite Level IIIA Viewport: Ballistic Polycarbonate Level IIIA High power police LED Sizes and Weights Sizes are measured in inches and weights vary by size. Size Weight 18 X 24 (No Viewport) 18lbs $1599.00 18 lbs 20 X 34 20lbs $2299.00 20 lbs 20 X 40 23lbs $2399.00 23 lbs 24 X 36 22lbs $2399.00 22 lbs 24 X 48 28lbs $2899.00 28 lbs 24 X 51 29lbs $3350.00 29 lbs Colour: Standard matt black (custom colours available on request).

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18 x 24 (No Viewport), 20 x 40, 24 x 36, 24 x 48, 24 x 51