Kejo® Manual De-mining Tool Kit


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Product Details Kejo® Manual De-mining Tool Kit


All the tools for the manual de-miner in one convenient durable Backpack.

*Allows for easy transport and storage of tools.

* Easy retrieval and inspection of individual tools.

* Some investigation tools are manufactured from stainless steel.

This choice of material prevents fragmentation during detonation.

* Bag can be customized for individual needs.

Price is for the following kit.

NOTE Color and style may change depending on availability

3 Day Expandable Outdoor Large Backpack

1 x Probe Brass  (approx. weight 3.2 ounces)

  • PERFECT SIZE – The 6.25″ rod length lets you get deep into the earth or sand to find out where the object is hiding without taking up too much room in your utility belt or waist pouch. Perfect for all demining operations


1 x Trowel (Stainless Steel and Rubber) (approx. weight .44lbs

  • Most heavy duty hand trowel tool on the market
  • One piece stainless steel is bend proof making it the best hand shovel for working rocky or heavy clay soils
  • Oversize trowel head makes for quicker work as soil can be moved in greater volume
  • Ergonomic rubber grip with contoured finger grips and palm rest


1 x Terrain Tool (approx weight 2.30lbs)

This mattock-style tiller features a pick on one end and an adze on the other.

Ideal for working in confined areas, shallow  digging,

Pick end for breaking hard soil ,Adze end for digging

Handle with nonslip comfort grip


1 x 5m Tape Measure

16 ft. x 3/4 in.  Tape Measure

This QuikFind tape measure has an extra thick blade for longer standout


1 x Magnet (Permanent)  (approx. 2.07 lbs)

150 lb. Pull Retrieving Magnet

Working Load 150 lb.


1 x Pair Knee guards (approx. weight 1.4 lbs)

Hard Terrain Gel Knee Pads

These hard terrain gel knee pads are designed with a soft gel core and durable EVA foam padding for all day comfort


1 x pair Gloves (approx. weight .31lb)

Pigskin Leather Work Gloves, Medium Large and X-Large

Pigskin leather work gloves are extremely durable and naturally moisture resistant


1 x 8 In. Flat File

Smooth rough metal and wood with this flat file


1 x Lopper (approx. weight 2.60lbs)

Steel Handle Lopper

Durable steel construction with precision ground blades


1 x Club Hammer (approx weight 2.50 Lbs)

Hyper Tough 2.5 LB Sledge Hammer, Fiberglass Handle


1 x Bow Saw (approx. weight 630 grams)

Lightweight and super-sharp, this 21 in. Fiskars Bow Pruning Saw is ideal for clearing brush and pruning. It features a hardened carbon-steel blade with rust inhibitor, safety tension lever for added control and a lightweight tubular-steel frame for easy use. Replacement blade (7025) available to keep this 21 in. Bow Saw functioning at its best. Accompanied with a lifetime warranty so you can buy with confidence.


1 x Pruner Shears (approx. weight 2.06lbs)

22 In. Shears with Wavy Blade

These shears have heat-treated, wavy-edge cutting blades for a solid grip on stems and twigs. The shears feature a tension-adjust dial for various operations, shock-absorbing bumper and ergonomic handles with rubber grips for comfort and control.

Heat-treated, hardened steel blades with chrome plating and a nonstick finish

Tension-adjust dial

Shock-absorbing bumper

Ergonomic, lightweight handles with rubber grips for comfort and control


1 x Tin Snips 8”

Length: 8 inch

Drop forged and differentially hardened and tempered to provide a tough body and increase durability

Hardness of the cutting edges: 55 to 60 HRC Material: High quality carbon steel Strong, sharp and durable sheer force.


1 x Brush (2’/ 60mm Paint Brush) (approx weight 28 grams)

The all-natural bristle on this chip brush makes it ideal for painting, staining, applying adhesives, cleaning, or touch-up work. This versatile brush is constructed with a sturdy hardwood handle for durability and grip.Rugged construction All natural bristles

Sturdy hardwood handle


1 x Metal File (approx. weight 90 grams )

8 In. Flat File

Smooth rough metal and wood with this flat file

This 8 in. flat file is made of heat-treated high carbon steel for extreme strength. The flat file features a double cut pattern and a PVC handle to provide the perfect combination of efficient filing and comfortable operation.

Heat-treated high carbon steel for extreme strength

PVC handle

Cushioned and textured rubber grip for comfort and greater torque

Hole for hanging on pegboard

Double cut pattern


Product Length 12-3/8 in.

Size(s) 8 in.

Grip material PVC


1 x Wooden Wire Brush

Product Details

Sturdy 17-in. long wooden handles have thick, stiff wire bristles that hold up to the toughest of jobs.


Colors: Natural

Material: Wire,Wood

Length: 1.037 in

Width: 3.25 in

Height: 17 in

Weight: 0 oz


1 x Tripwire Feeler (approx. weight 45 grams)

1.75 in. x 28 in. Tripwire Feeler

Bag total weight 6.3 kg