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Product Details KD60 EXPLOSIVES TEST KIT ® Accurate ® Discreet ® Reliable ® Cost-effective ® Easy-to-use ® Negligible false alarm rate The KD60 Explosives Test Kit is in service with the UK government and is an extremely simple-to-use system with a negligible false alarm rate designed to detect all types of military explosives. Because of its relatively low price it can be issued to security forces in far greater numbers than conventional explosive detectors which tend to be expensive and usually require the operator to have had some technical training. The KD60 Explosives Test Kit will test for Semtex C4 TNT RDX and PETN in less than three minutes providing a fast and extremely accurate result. A Separate KD40 Test Kit is also available to detect home-made explosives. The test is specific for each of the components listed above and gives a specific positive indicator. Built to military standards the easy-to-follow instructions on the inside lid minimises training requirements. English instructions supplied as standard however other languages can be supplied as required. Test per Kit 4 x sachets each containing tests for RDX PETN and TNT 4 x swabbing tool. Dimensions Size 167x72x28mm (LxWxH) Including hanging tab