Firing Device (Exploder)


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Product Details Firing Device (Exploder) Conducting cap ignitors require a higher current over a longer period to successfully initiate PERFORMANCE Output energy Up to 33 Joules per firing Maximum firing Load/Distance Up to 400 Ohms – equivalent to 6Kms of Distant 61-12 part 17 firing cable or equivalent. Circuit automatically inhibits firing into higher resistance loads 275m for conducting cap devices 6kms for bridge wire devices Time to prime 4 seconds with new batteries Typical number of firing 100 at 200C with new batteries Specification: Battery 2x PP3 standard alkaline or Lithium Output Voltage Up to 350 Volts Output Current 10 Amps peak Operating Temperature -200C to +600C Storage Temperature -400C to +600C Dimension 155 x 65 x 45 mm Weight 250 gram with Batteries PRICE ON APPLICATION