Fire Resistant UniVest ICE Water Cooling System


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Fire Resistant UniVest ICE Water Cooling System


Compcooler Fire Resistant Univest ICE Water Cooling System (UICS) combines ICE water circulation Unit and liquid cooling vest as one vest, this significant improvement provides a better wear ability for end user.

UICS includes Fire Resistant Cooling Vest, 3.0L Quick Release bladder, Mini water pump On/Off Mode, Rechargeable battery and charger. Mini pump circulates cold water from frozen bladder to cooling channel embedded on mesh liner and continuously flow around your body, it will keep user cool and comfortable in hot conditions. Outer fabric: Cotton Fire Resistant, Color: orange, 3D Material Interlayer, better skin touch feeling, less load sense, comfort to wear, easy to clean.

Key Features

Univest Combine ICE water circulation unit and liquid cooling vest as one vest, easy operation, better wearability.

Front zipper with sides adjustable device, 3D Interlayer reduces load sense, body fit ergonomically Design, comfortable to wear.

Fire Resistant outer fabric, cooling channel embedded on mesh liner, better skin touch cooling feeling.

3.0L freezable quick release bladder, quick body cooling performance, easy to extend cooling time by replace the bladder,

Extreme Cooling Performance 46℉, Well-distributed Liquid Cooling Channel, Evenly Body Cooling.

Clean ICE Water Circulation for Body Cooling, 100% Safe Physical Cooling, Friendly and Environmentally.

UniVest Specifications:

Univest Material:

Outer Fabric: Fire Resistant Cotton

Color: Orange

Interlayer: 3D fabric

Liner: Soft mesh

Cooling Channel: Silicon Micro-tubing

Adjustable device: Stretch strap with Velcro

Zipper: YKK


ICE Water Circulation System

Built-in Backpack: Reflective Insulation Material

Bladder: 3.0L quick release bladder

Pump: 7.4V diaphragm pump On/Off Mode

Connector: CPC Quick Fittings

Switch: ON/OFF

Zipper: Water proof zipper

Battery: 7.4V 2200mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Noise: 45dBA

Dry weight: 1KG


Univest Performance:

Cooling time: 2-4 hours for 3.0L frozen bladder,

1-3 hours for Ice cube

Water Flow: 500ml/min

Temperature Range: 46℉-68℉

Battery Operated: 8 hours

Operation Ambient: 0℃-60℃ (32℉-140℉)



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