EOD Helmet Carry Case




Product Details We supply our helmet in this rugged tough case which holds the Helmet Communication system chargers and Headset. Harness the strength and toughness of a hurricane for your valuable equipment! These cases are designed to provide top of the line protection at affordable prices. They satisfy Mil-Spec and IP Standards 67. All cases come with manufacturers UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

FEATURES Automatic pressure purge system Molded-in padlock holes (fits standard size Masterlocks®). Available with or without multilayer protective cubed matrix Accuform Foam. Smooth glide inline skate wheels Security padlock holes Auto pressure purge valve purges box when lathes are opened Latches are available with keyed chrome metal locks or plastic non-corrosive locks. The Neoprene perimeter O-Ring seal makes the Cases completely waterproof and airtight. They are guaranteed waterproof to 30 feet under water.

RUSTPROOF: There is no metal that can rust and undermine the properties of these cases. The cases can safely be exposed and submerged in salt water or left in the rain. We do not use metal pins for the hinges latches and handles. The pins are made of Acetyl resin which offers excellent lubricity and will not be affected by temperature extremes. Excellent chemical resistance to oils fuels and solvents. UV RESISTANT To prevent dry rot when left in the sun for extensive periods of time the properties of the resins used are UV (ultraviolet) resistant CRUSHPROOF Manufactured to exceed MIL STD’s of 400 Lbs stacking drop test at 48″ and their humidity test of 95% at 120®F. Our cases pass the 100% humidity test (underwater). Inside Dimensions 25.52″ x 19.50″ x 13.08″ Outside Dimensions 28.17″ x 22.27″ x 15.10″ MIL-SPEC & IP STDS. These cases satisfy Mil-Spec and IP Standards 67.

Available Colors: Black, Yellow . ALL Cases are proudly made in USA.