A heavy duty tactical assault entry kit. A set of MOE tools that harness the strength of the user to gain entry to the toughest of buildings, doors and windows. The includes all the tools required, but individual pieces are available upon request.

Super Ram-It w/Sling ■ Length: 101.6cm (40”) ■ Weight: 22.6kg (50 lbs) ■ Flexible Steel Belted Handles ■ Non-Sparking Head ■ One or Two Person Breaching Ram

Super Go Bar w/ Sling ■ Length: 76.2cm (30”) ■ Weight: 22.6kg (10 lbs) ■ Solid Steel Casting ■ Black Tactical Finish ■ Virtually Indestructible

Super Sledge ■ Weight: 4.5kg (10 lbs) ■ Tactical Black Fiberglass Handle with Textured Grip

Super Snip-It Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter ■ Length: 88.9cm (35”) ■ Weight: 5.6kg (12.5 lbs) ■ Cutting Capacity: 1/2” – Bolts – 9/16” ■ Threaded Stock ■ Unique replacable 3 sided cutting blades eliminates the need to ever replace the Bolt

Cutter ■ Non-Conductive Handle ■ Super powerful cam action for added leverage

2 In 1 Go Bar Kit ■ Length: 50.8cm (20”) ■ Weight: 1.8kg (4 lbs) ■ Perfect for use in tight spaces ■ Includes a Shove It Knife to pop spring latches ■ Thru the Lock Facilitator Tool included and stored in the handle ■ Padded Handle

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