Corrections Face Shield


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CORRECTIONS FACE SHIELDS DK5-H.150/CFS Utilizes same design and functions of a standard DK5-H.150″ but adds a spring steel wire grid for increased protection against aggressive attacks. DESCRIPTION: Universal fit face shield/wire screen system that adapts to many helmets to provide face protection in inmate and riot conditions. Integral rubber seal provides a liquid barrier at the helmet/shield interface. A permanently mounted wire screen is designed to allow unrestricted view with high strength protection from aggressive contacts. MATERIAL: Lexan®® (Polycarbonate) .150®® with 3/16®® spring steel wire cage. COLOR: Clear SPECIFICATION: NIJ 0104.02 MIL-V-43511C HAZARD ASSESSMENT: Impact, splash, fragments APPLICATIONS: Corrections-inmate confrontations and control PRODUCT WEIGHT: 2 lb. RECOMMENDED HELMET: PASGT and protective helmets that have an integral front peak. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Unparalleled fit and function with existing protective helmets. Attachment is quick, secure and easily removable when necessary. The clear shield is certified to NIJ 0104.02, and meets MIL-V-43511C. Made in USA Recommended for PASGT helmets of all sizes Clear Option : “Hard Mount”