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  • MATERIAL: Made of Tough 500D Nylon Fabric, plus low reflective Matte Black Laminate Nylon surfaces.
  • HARD ARMOR POCKETS: Front and Rear Insert plate pouches with pull-tab no-flap slash opening and Hook and Loop closure.
  • HEAVY-DUTY: Shoulders adjustment straps reinforced with high-performance synthetic rubber with laser-cut MOLLE for PTT or Bluetooth mic.
  • CUMMERBUND: Twin-Elastic outer side cummerbund with hook and loop closures and laminate nylon pull-tabs.
  • HOOK’N’LOOP front area with Laser Cut MOLLE for mounting pouches and pockets.
  • ID PLACARD placement areas with hook and loop for visible or IR identification.
  • COMPATIBLE with Skeletac Kangaroo Pouch System with double-buckle secure placement and hook and loop panel.
  • MUTLI-SIZE cummerbunds available for wide array of body sizes and torso lengths.
  • ELASTIC LOOP TABS for routing hydration tubes or comms wiring.
  • ROBUST emergency rescue drag handle
  • SPACE MESH interior constitutes one of the most comfortable ventilation and antimicrobial protection systems on the market.
  • INCLUDED: 2x Swift Clip Buckles.
  • COMP-21 Bulletproof Vest provides comprehensive ballistic protection to ensure the wearer is safe when he needs it the most. NIJ.06 IIIA structure will stop multiple rounds of various handgun threats (up to .44 magnum).The body armor is simple to wear, yet highly effective and functional – it features a lightweight material to keep the wearer comfortable and agile. At only 5.5 lbs average per vest, you will be able to do what you need without any encumbrance.A cooling mesh that resists the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew while keeps the wearer cool and comfortable by effective heat dissipation. Spectre bulletproof vest has been designed to provide perfect and unnoticeable protection whether worn under clothing or over top. Armor is fabricated from our proprietary bullet-resistant material – Aramid fabric renowned for its strength, lightweight, durability, and high performance.
  • Dual Protection structure will stop multiple rounds of various handgun threats (up to .44 magnum) as well as spike and edged blades of up to 36 joules of impact energy.NIJ.06 IIIA structure will stop multiple rounds of various handgun threats (up to .44 magnum). This vest accommodates front & back 10×12″ hard armor plates.
  • This Body Armor will stop multiple threats:
    • 9mm FMJ RN,
    • 9mm Luger or NATO,
    • .40 S&W,
    • .357 Magnum,
    • .357 Sig,
    • .45 Gap,
    • .44 Magnum

    Unique hybrid construction utilize exceptional ability of woven fabrics to disperse impact energy and mitigate back face deformation while the panel core made of multiple UD fabric layers absorbs kinetic energy of the strikes – Round after round after round…

  • COLOR OPTIONS: Black, Green
  • SIZE OPTIONS: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge,XXLarge, XXXLarge
  • GROUND SHIPPING IN USA Included in Price

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Black, Green

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