KEJO® ACH Helmet Level IIIA


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Product Details Our Advanced Combat Helmet Level IIIA is very popular due to its lighter and more compact size. It still offers the same excellent protection and compatibility as the PASGT helmet but with a 7% weight saving. This helmet is very popular with Special Forces due to its greater comfort and higher flexibility in extreme conditions. We use a padded suspension system or an optional 5-point harness with improved comfort balance and reduced fatigue. This helmet is compatible with night vision equipment.Ballistic performance to NIJ 0106.01 IIIA Fragmentation protection STANAG 2920 17 gr V50 2150 ft/s US Mil Frag 2gr RCC 3924 f/s 4gr RCC 3150 f/s 16 gr 2436 f/s 64 gr 1941 f/s Weight 2.7 lbs Improved head stability Shock absorption against low velocity impact EN397 Multi hit capability Mil Spec Pad system 5 year warranty on the ballistic performance of the helmet.

SIZES We offer  Small ,Medium ,Large and XLarge . See chart below to determine your size

COLORS Olive Drab ,Desert Tan, Black

Ballistic Level Ballistic Level NIJ Level Equivalent V50 STANAG 2920 (17 Grains) Bullet Resistance M6 M6 IIIA 610m/s (2000 ft/s) 9mm FMJ RN .44 Magnum SJHP E6 E6 IIIA 630m/s (2067 ft/s) 9mm FMJ RN .44 Magnum SJHP F6 F6 IIIA 660m/s (2165 ft/s) 9mm FMJ RN .44 Magnum SJHP



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Weight 4.35 lbs
Helmet Color

Black, Desert Tan, Olive Drab

Helmet Size

Large, Medium, Small, XLarge