Medical Cooling Solutions

100% Made in America since 1984!
For people with medical conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis, overheating can be a major problem. It can drain strength, exacerbate symptoms, and prevent a person from enjoying outside activities away from air conditioning. In the late 1980’s, after being approached by a MS Support Group, Sandra re-designed the popular industrial version of her cooling vest to make it lighter and more user friendly. Since then literally thousands of people suffering from MS, or other heat sensitive medical conditions, have had their lives enhanced by the benefits of cooling with the Steele Cooling Vests! Both the MS Association of America and the MS Foundation supply the Steele Personal Cooling Vests as part of their Cooling Programs. Steele now has two different types of cooling packs available for use with the Steele Body Cooling Vests. See the products

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