SA-1140SS 6 Pocket SteeleVest®


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Product Details SA-1140SS 6 Pocket SteeleVest® Indura® fabric (others available) guaranteed flame resistant for life Holds 6 Thermostrips Split shoulder closure for easy donning Body heat is absorbed by frozen gel Thermo-strips® which are inserted into the SteeleVest providing up to 4 hours of unsurpassed cooling comfort at a time. 4 side tabs and adjuster clips assure a good fit for all Split shoulder closure for easy donning Comfortable – One size fits all Durable and washable Lightweight -Weight equally distributed for optimum mobility balance and profile Absorbs condensation Zip front (4-pocket version) adjusts for additional comfort and control Optimal spacing between Thermo-strips permits easy bending & lifting Split shoulder closure (on 6-pocket vest only) allows donning & doffing by slipping on or off shoulder Thermo-strip® Cooling Packs High latent heat capacity (water based) Provides 2-4 hours of cooling Failsafe cooling medium (will not flow when melted) Passive design (no moving parts so no breakdowns or maintenance) Non Toxic Non Flammable (contains no paraffin) Can be repeatedly frozen/melted without degradation The gel strips are sectioned and flex easily to fit the torso comfortably and without impeding movement. They are also made of a non-toxic non-flammable starch-based formula (contains no paraffin) which can be repeatedly frozen for continuous use. Their cooling is augmented and prolonged by multiple layers of a special micro-thin highly breathable insulation which reflects heat away from the body and directs cooling toward the critical body core. Depending on the model the SteeleVest weighs only 5 to 12 pounds (weight depends on the size Thermostrips used) fully loaded and is extremely easy to put on and take off. SA-1140SS 6 Pocket SteeleVest® SteeleVest 6 pockets split shoulder (Approximately 12 lbs. loaded with SA1149-6 or 8 lbs. loaded with SA1145-6) Prices – TrimLite 6 Pocket SteeleVest® Ref SA-1140SS 6 POCKET STEELEVEST $160.00 SA-1149-6 Set of 6 Thermo-strips (27 oz. per strip) $49.00 SA-1145-6 Set of 6 Thermo-strips (15 oz. per strip) $44.00