NSR-9914 ® Rechargeable Flashlight


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Product Details NSR-9914 ® Rechargeable PATROL SIZE PROFESSIONAL FLASHLIGHT Designed specifically for public safety and military professionals The NSR-9914 raises the bar of professional flashlight performance by offering one of the brightest flashlight beams in its class. NIGHTSTICK® NSR-9914 is ideal for personal carry with powerful light output and featuring the Bayco exclusive Dual-Light INNOVATION ® that combines a super bright floodlight and a sharply focused flashlight beam all in a compact package. The strobe feature adds even more versatility. DUAL SWITCH OPERATION A body switch and tail switch work in tandem to control all functions of momentary flashlight ® constant flashlight ® floodlight ® dual-light ® strobe. FLASHLIGHT ® Integrated Optical System for Long Throw Focused Center Beam The flashlight incorporates a deep parabolic reflector to capture and shape 99.5% of the light from the latest technology high-output LED. Maximum light output and run-time are optimized by the microprocessor. FLOODLIGHT ® The Best Lighting Solution for Evidence Search – Crime Scene Investigation – Expanded Work Area Illumination The floodlight spreads the light over an area four times broader than the flashlight beam with no hot spots that impair visibility while searching a crime or accident scene. DUAL-LIGHT Combining a separate floodlight with a flashlight into a single housing is NIGHTSTICK Dual-Light INNOVATION. When moving flashlights do a poor job of illuminating the area directly in front of the user making walking or running more risky. Be extra safe. Activate the flashlight and floodlight and walk into a bubble of light directly in front for maximum illumination while walking working or running. Features :: Dual switch operation ® body and tail :: 220 lumens flashlight :: 300 lumens floodlight :: 300 total lumens in Dual-Light mode :: 220 lumens strobe :: Flashlight ® Floodlight ® Dual-Light ® Dual-Light :: Momentary flashlight operation :: Anti-roll Tri-Lobal design :: Bright LEDs – 50000 hour life :: Rugged engineered polymer housing ® impact / chemical / moisture resistant :: Non-slip double – diamond grip :: Rechargeable NiMH battery pack ® maximum charge every time with no recharge memory effect :: 3 hour charge time :: Lithium CR123 battery carrier for emergency back-up power (batteries not included) The NSR-9914 is available in three configurations. Model # Dual Switch Standard NiMH Battery Mobile Charging Platform Lithium Battery Carrier 12V DC Charging Cord World AC Power Adapter NSR®9914 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ NSR®9914DC ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ NSR®9914LB ✓ ✓ Please check which one below when ordering LIGHT MODE NiMH NiMH Lithium CR123 Lithium CR123 LIGHT MODE Lumens Run-time Hrs Lumens Run-time Hrs FLASHLIGHT ® Momentary 220 5 220 2 FLASHLIGHT ® Constant 220 5 220 2 FLOODLIGHT ® Constant 300 5 300 2 DUAL-LIGHT ® Flashlight & Floodlight 300 5 300 2 FLASHLIGHT STROBE 220 16 220 7 Working Environment Operating temperature range -22®F (-30®C) to +140®F (60®C) Physical Dimensions Length: 9.2 inches (23.3 cm) Body diameter 1.3 inches (3.3 cm)