KEJO IEDD Search Suit – Suit MK2


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Product Details The Kejo Search Suit was designed for personnel involved in searching for and clearing of explosive devices and has been developed to meet the specific needs of a search team. Although the suit is significantly lighter than the standard EOD Bomb Disposal Suit it provides the user with all round protection unmatched mobility and virtually unrestricted movement. The outer garment of the suit is constructed out of Nomex III and includes the latest Kevlar New Technology Fibers. The suit comprises the following components: ARMS : Separate adjustable sleeves provide optimum movement JACKET : Provides front back side shoulder and neck protection with the additional optional feature of up armor pockets. GROIN PROTECTOR : This can be worn in either the lowered or raised position. TROUSERS : The unique design provides freedom of movement and optimum protection to the legs. HELMET AND VISOR : This work in conjunction with the jackets high collar to provide the optimum protected area.

SUIT PROTECTION OPTIONS Suit type 1 Jacket (front & back) arms and leggings ® Fragmentation protection to 420m/s Helmet ® Fragmentation protection to 420m/s Visor ® Fragmentation protection to 449m/s Suit type 2 Jacket (front & back) arms and leggings ® Ballistic protection level II (NIJ 0101.03) & fragmentation protection to 550m/s Helmet ® Ballistic protection level II (NIJ) & fragmentation protection to 550m/s Visor ® Ballistic protection level II (NIJ) & fragmentation protection to 548m/s Enhanced chest protection ® Ballistic protection level IIIA (NIJ)  Helmet ® Ballistic protection level IIIA (NIJ) & fragmentation to 600m/s. Visor ® Ballistic protection level IIIA (NIJ) & fragmentation protection to 648m/s Enhanced chest protection  Standard sizes  Small/Medium Large and X Large REF.# IED-SUIT2

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