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Product Details Features One high power LED bulb outputs 75 lumens of light (bulbs rated for 110000+ hours of life) 5 powerful Green LED®s output 9 lumens (bulbs rated for 110000+ hours of life) 5 powerful UV LED®s output 2-3milliwatts (3.4-3.6V; 20MA.) (wavelength: 410-415nm) (bulbs rated for 110000+ hours of life) Red laser pointer travels over 450 yards Emergency flasher function ® Green LED®s in flash mode S.O.S. Flash Mode ® All lights and laser in S.O.S. flash sequence Anodized aircraft grade aluminum water-proof compact body design Magnetic base for hands-free lighting Aggressive self-defense face Rear glow-in-the-dark button Specifications Output ® 75 lumens ® White 9 lumens ® Green 2-3 milliwatts ® UV (3.4-3.6V; 20MA.) (wavelength: 410-415nm) Length ® 4.5® Diameter ® 1.5® Weight ® 0.478 lbs. Batteries ® 3 AAA batteries (included)